The Foundation’s programs result in concrete plans to conserve wild environments.  The purposes of these programs are:

  • Produce works of art that engage the landscape
  • Reframe the relationship between the arts and conservation
  • Create blueprints that integrate ecology, culture, and economics for conserving/developing wild places

Artists and conservations will work side by side, to produce cross-pollination of ideas, practices, methods, and processes.   The works that emerge during Foundation programs will come to life in performances, exhibitions, books, manuals, and interactive media.    

The Shillim Foundation promotes the conservation of wild places through collaborations between artists and conservationists. 

The mission of the Shillim Foundation is to promote works that help us connect with, and conserve,  precious  landscapes that help make us who we are.  The works developed and funded by Shilllim Foundation cross the lines of culture, environment, and social responsibility.   By nature the landscapes brought into relief by the works - whether they are urban or in the most remote locations -   have an element of wildness to them.  Wildness does not have to be remote from cities.   Wildness is a  matrix within which a profusion of life can happen.