The Shillim Foundation is an international arm of the Shillim Institute, which is located at the heart of the Shillim Retreat in the Western Ghats. 

The mission of the Shillim Institute is to generate ideas and facilitate positive action in the areas of conservation, sustainability and healing.   

The Institute is a platform for knowledge and action, a forum for people to share ideas and life works, a gathering place to share information and solve problems, and a site of cultural exchange, in music, art, comparative literature, beliefs, faiths, and practices.  The Institute supports a range of visiting master programs, cultural exchanges, fellowships, exchange programs and residencies with a special emphasis on:

-Ecology & Environment

-Economics of Conservation and Sustainable Design

-Agriculture & Foods for the Future

-Alternative Healing & Perfect Health

-Earth Ethics & Community Connectivity

-Arts and Culture

The Shillim Institute also practices its guiding principles through the care of the 2,500 acre Shillim Estate, maintaining programs in:

 Conservation: constant wildlife & forest monitoring to prevent incursions, grazing and poaching; reforestation program at the nursery; soil erosion control and prevention; landscape restoration.

Sustainability: solar energy production, low consumption lights, electric vehicles, treatment of water and waste, practical selection of all materials used on site.

Food autonomy: onsite organic vegetable garden & planting edible landscapes, composting, local contract farming, bee farming, sustainable menus in restaurants, studying and implementing forest agriculture ecosystems.

Community: encouraging local artisanal practices, employment of locals villagers, training local farmers in responsible farming practices.

Arts & Culture: dance, music pottery, weaving, natural dyes, carving, local plants in medicinal use, native ornaments, edible plants, local geology, local beliefs, traditions, rituals, local social networks and economies.

Wellness: integration through the spa, outdoor, fitness & adventure activities and food.